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Filorga Hydra Filler
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    Filorga Hydra-Filler moisturizing oily 50ml


    Filorga is a laboratory specializing in anti-aging for over 30 years. Should his renown to a range of care rich ingredient such as hyaluronic acid, reputed to preserve the youthfulness of the skin.

    At the Hydra-Filler, Filorga laboratories medical research experts have developed a super hydrating facial.

    Multi-sensory, both material and nourishing, without any greasy feeling, the unique gel-balm texture of Hydra-Filler seems to infuse continuous water molecules in the skin. 
    upon application, the skin, found comfort and is plumps. 
    fine lines and wrinkles of dehydration fade, the strokes to relax, the complexion is radiant. In seconds, stays on the face that a matte, excellent finish base makeup, which fixes the pigments and shines the complexion throughout the day.

    Shares of Hydra - Filler Filorga:

    this treatment is the first able anti-aging moisturizer of:

    • reproduce hydration and micro-comblement techniques

    as for the MHA18 used in cabinet, the hydra-filler formula combines hyaluronic acid and Glycerin an effect of microcomblement.
    NCTF Couples , these assets infuse a deep hydration in the heart of the skin.

    • Reprogram skin hydration

    Thanks to the Revidrat that activates the metabolism of hydration, this anti-aging helps the skin to regulate its own moisturizers factors 
    stimulate epidermal lipid synthesis 
    thanks to Hydrasalinol, hydra - filler promotes the formation of a stratum corneum optimal able to curb the transepidermal loss of water and urea.

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