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Juvederm Ultra 3
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    JUVEDERM ULTRA 3 is a sterile colorless gel that is made of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) of non-animal origin. Hyaluronic Acid concentration is 24 mg/mL


    JUVEDERM ULTRA 3 is an injectable dermal filler, indicated for lip definition, enhancement of lips’ volume and filling moderate and/or deep lines and wrinkles such as:

    • Nasolabial folds - nose to mouth grooves
    • Marionette lines - skin creases that run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. These lines tend to become deeper with age
    • Oral Commissures or corners of the mouth: when volume is lost in this area it can give the appearance of a persistent frown
    • Vermillion border – this is the lip border that diminishes with age and is more noticeable when you apply your lipstick and find the lines bleed.


    JUVEDERM ULTRA 3 dermal filler is a highly cross-linked formulation which allows more versatility in contouring and volumizing facial lines and skin depressions.

    It is made using HYLACROSS technology, creating a smooth-consistency hyaluronic acid gel that is easy to inject.

    Active composition of JUVEDERM ULTRA 3 includes 0.3% of Lidocaine Hydrochloride which is meant to increase your comfort during the dermal filler procedure.

    The super hydrating power of Hyaluronic Acid helps to retain water and moisture within the skin, making it feel smooth, soft and toned. It restores nutrients to the area and helps in cushioning your skin.


    JUVEDERM ULTRA 3 dermal filler is indicated for injections in the mucous membrane of the lips and into the mid-dermis using the following techniques:

    • Serial punctual injections
    • Linear retrotracting technique
    • Anterotracing (push ahead) technique
    • Cross-hatching technique (blanket)
    • Fan distribution technique

    JUVEDERM ULTRA 3 is totally compatible with the body, fully biodegradable and hypo-allergenic once used. It is manufactured in Europe by Allergan.


    To ensure optimal use of the product, it is recommended to use the needles provided in the box.

    Volume & Packaging:Two pre-filled syringes of 1 ml gel

    Accessory: For each syringe, its box contains one sterile 27G1/2” needle. Package insert. A set of labels in order to ensure traceability

    Storage Conditions: Store between 2 and 25.Fragile

    Note: Sterile packaging

Medicine Healthcare Regulatory Agency: Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distribution License No: UK WDA (H) 46138

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