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Juvéderm Volift Retouch
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    JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH is a relatively new product. It was released by Allergan in March 2015. It contains 2 x 0.55ml, whilst the original JUVEDERM VOLIFT contains 2 x 1ml.

    According to Allergan, JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH has been designed to offer top-up treatments to refine and perfect the initial treatment, whilst minimising product wastage. It is also a cheaper option for those who want to try JUVEDERM VOLIFT without going into the full expense or just don’t require a higher volume.

    JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH is a sterile colorless gel that is made of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) of non-animal origin. Hyaluronic Acid concentration is 17.5 mg/mL


    JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH is is an adaptable product which can be used to rejuvenate facial areas by restoring volume into medium or deep lines or adding subtle volume to facial contours. Potential treatment areas include:

    • Frown lines - these are vertical lines between the eyebrows also known as Glabella, Frown Furrows or 11 lines
    • Crows’ Feet - wrinkles around the sides of the eyes, also known as Periorbital lines
    • Nasolabial Folds - nose to mouth grooves
    • Smokers Lines - vertical lip lines around the mouth
    • Marionette lines – lines that run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin
    • Lips
    • Cheeks and Chin


    JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH is developed using the most advanced Vycross technology which uses an innovative combination of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) to improve the cross-linking of hyaluronic acid chains. This more effective cross-linking allows for a lower concentration of HA to be used, delivering an ultra-smooth gel for a natural look and feel, minimal swelling and bruising, as well as improved duration.

    Active composition of JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH includes 0.3% of Lidocaine Hydrochloride which is meant to increase your comfort during the dermal filler procedure.


    JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH is indicated to be used via deep dermis or lips mucosa injection.

    Depending on the aesthetic practitioner's preferred injection technique, it is possible to use a 25G, 27G or 30G sterile cannula. Choice of cannula length is determined by the user according to his/her injection technique.

    JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH is totally compatible with the body, fully biodegradable and hypo-allergenic once used. It is manufactured in Europe by Allergan.


    To ensure optimal use of the product, it is recommended to use the needles provided in the box.

    Volume & Packaging: Two pre-filled syringes of 0.55 ml of gel

    Accessory: For each syringe, the box contains two sterile 30G1/2” needles. Package insert. A set of labels in order to ensure traceability

    Storage Conditions: Store between 2 and 25

    Note: Sterile packaging

Medicine Healthcare Regulatory Agency: Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distribution License No: UK WDA (H) 46138

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