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    Suplasyn is a solution of sodium hyaluronate and it is produced by bio-fermentation. Suplasyn is available in over 30 countries and has been in use for over 10 years. The treatment may consist of a single injection (SUPLASYN 1-Shot, for large joints) or 3 repeated injections at weekly intervals (SUPLASYN and SUPLASYN m.d.). Symptoms may subside rapidly but the full benefits of the treatment are usually felt a few weeks after treatment completion. Most patients experience pain relief and joint function improvement which lasts approx 6 to 12 months (depending on the condition and severity of the problem).

    SUPLASYN is an intra-articular injection used for the treatment of affected joints that could be the knee, hip, toe, ankle, thumb, etc. This product is composed of Sodium Hyaluronate Sodium solution,  

    How does Suplasyn work and how long does it last for?

    Suplasyn works by replacing the lost synovial fluid (hyaluronic acid) between the joints. The end result includes improvemnt in lubrication and mobility in patients, simultaneously reducing pain as the joints are not longer rubbing against each other. Joints will feel less stiff and mobility will be improved as a result. Most patients tend to experience pain relief and improvements in joint function for approximately 6 to 12 months. Please note that this is dependent on the condition and severity of the joint problem.

    What does each box contain?

    1x6ml sterile prefilled syringe.

    What are the associated side effects?

    Some patients may experience a mild reaction, for example, pain, heat, redness and swelling in or by the injection site. Should these symptoms occur, the affected joint should be rested and ice should be applied locally. These symptoms usually subside within days, however, patients are advised to consult their doctor if these symptoms persist.

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