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    SURFACE WHITE BOX is a new, revolutionary and clinically proven treatment aimed at brightening the skin and reducing pigment spots. Developed by numerous scientist and tested over several months, this unique solution responds to all your major skin problems.

    How does the Surface White Box treatment work?

    The Surface White Box mesotherapy cocktail should be injected every 2-3 weeks in clinic. This should be followed by utilising at-home care, which involves applying the 3% GABA Whitening Face Cream in the morning and the 10% GABA Anti-Dark Spots Face Serum at night.

    Over the years, research has shown that combining the GABA Complex with Glutathione increases its reducing effect on pigment spots. The GABA Complex helps to create an even skin tone while Glutathione deeply detoxifies the skin. Whitebox brings these discoveries together to offer a unique treatment.


    What does one box contain?

    This treatment contains a trio of products for optimal results, including an in-clinic procedure and at home products for the patient to use.

    • 5 vials of Surface White mesotherapy cocktail, containing brightening agents and antioxidants that help to maintain a luminous complexion
    • Surface White Box Anti-Dark Spots Face Serum containing 10% GABA, highly enriched with the active GABA complex which is particularly effective against pigment spots
    • Surface White Box Whitening Face Cream containing 3% GABA, formulated to correct pigment irregularities

    How long does it take to see full results?

    You will find your skin looking more radiant and dark spots eliminated within 4-5 weeks.

    Are there any associated side effects of Surface White Box?

    The manufacturer has not reported any major side effects, however, it has been noted that you may experience some redness around the injection sites and have small bumps where the mesotherapy preparation has been injected. At most, this will only last for a few days and can be concealed with makeup.

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